An awesome collection of Alpha men in all their wonderous glory!! With Pnr, military, cops and other deliciousness, there is something for every favour of alpha lover!


Delta Rogue by Elle Boon – Maddox and Hailey’s story. Mad and Hellion are totally apt nicknames here! Mad gets your blood pumping and Hellion refuses to go calmly, even when it’s for her own good!

In His Custody by Fiona Archer – Add one spunky teacher to an undercover vice cop and you get some very naughty role plays!!

Street Justice by Holly S.Roberts – This will make you LOL as well as pant! Lincoln and Shelby(and Daisy’s) will leave you wanting more. Daisy almost steals the show.

Yes, Sir by Jenika Snow – Brittin fled her love for domineering Law but now has to face him once more due to wayward alcoholic brother. Law maybe the Sheriff in town but Brittin can undo his alphaness! But can he rein in his dominance and let her have the life she wants?

The Lawman’s Lover by Lori King – Back to Crawley Creek with Colby and Elizabeth. How Lori manages to mix sweet and HAWT to make Colby should be licensed!!

Her Heart’s Protector by Caitlyn O’Leary – David and Sarah get an unusual reunion. With all new SEAL team to love and Sarah isn’t exactly defenceless! David got me crying when he knew EXACTLY how long it had been since they were last together!