Sweet Vidalia by Gen Gericault

In this story our hero/ine are already aware they are mates. The story revolves around their long held home coming under attack and the newly found home our hero’s mother abandoned, when she left him with his pack. This pack is awesome! They are well adjusted but there are still struggles and trials before them including the relocation of their pack and the fear our heroine feels at leaving the humans of their town undefended. (Really hoping for more as this will be an awesome series)

Let the Bodice Hit the Floor by Jacqueline Sweet

Bearfield is back and embracing Halloween!!! The Raven Queen is upto mischief again and by the end you’re not sure whether she was playing matchmaker or not!! Our heroine is a witch who made a bad deal with the Raven Queen and our hero is the bouncer at the Queens party, charged with protecting all her treasures, otherwise he dies! Fabulous read and I love this series. Lots of little moments with other couples from Bearfield and a great witty dialogue runs right through this little gem!!!