Kronos is the new Captain of the Time’s End. He and his crew have decided to be pirates that care! They’re going all Robin Hood and will not hurt anyone in the raids they carry out. Minna chose the wrong ship to protect her new human-compatible bio-suit on its way to the Peacekeepers! When Kronos and his crew attack she gets spaced!!! Kronos saves Minna (and the very sentient biosuit she calls Jerky). Kronos makes her sign on as ships cook to pay her way to the nearest safe port once he decides that he’d rather not deal with the very protective Jerky. But will his crew all react the same way or will some of them succumb to their more piratey characteristics!?!?!?


Minna is smart, brave and lusting after Krnos. Kronos has a heart of gold but he still has to feed and pay his crew. Fabulously entertaining story and Jerky just about steals the show!

I was gifted this book and this is my honest review