OMG Kal and his cohorts are hysterically funny and true fish out of water!! When Kal secretly signs them up for a Galactic Brides (and Grooms) voyage to Earth, they are uploaded with the weirdest of programming. Think stripper movies, dance movies and other randomness! Once they get over the shock the other boys go with it but none of them have any intention of getting a mate, they just want a vacation!


With their new “earth” names – again those damn stripper movies LOL! Kal now known as Spark, and the boys land in Vegas and do their best to blend in. Enter Carrie. She is the token family bridesmaid at her socialite cousins wedding. She’s rather be anywhere else and the groomsman she has been paired with giver her the willies! One look and Kal is in love but his wooing leaves a lot to the imagination!

Take adventurous aliens, new found love, a kidnapping attempt and a truly bridezillafied bachelorette weekend and you have a marvellous romp! Carrie is the epitome of put upon cousin and her reaction to Kal’s mating routine is hilarious! Kal and boys will tug your heartstrings as even big bad Sev is just so innocent when it comes to earth!