Catch a tiger by the tail by Eve Langlais

Brodie, tiger shifting number crunching auditor who works for a slightly shady Wolf shifter. There is money being skimmed from a gentleman’s club and Lulu, the recently promoted bartender seems like the main suspect. But Brodies beast claims she is something else altogether, his mate!

Lulu is fully human and when she realises some funky is going on at the club, people start taking pot shots at her. But is Lulu all she seems or will her secrets tear her now romance with Brodie apart?

Wild passions by Kate Douglas

Feral Passions is a resort run by shifters hoping to entice possible mates. Some have found their mates but Trak is still searching. When a bridal party turns up he thinks he may have a chance but she’s the bride! When a mixed up, low self esteem bride meets the sexy shifter, will she cut and run or will she realise what she wants is right in front of her?

Her perfect mates by A C Arthur

Caroline is a vet and she is lusting after Malec, who turns up with an injured animal. But Malec is a Lycan with a past. He is used to sharing his woman with another Lycan, Channing. He gives them the thrills and channing gives them the cuddles! But can he share the sexy little vet or can he form a strong enough bond between just the two of them?

Wonderfully woven tales of supernatural hotties, feisty females and sexiness. Great characters and an actual storyline!

I received an ARC in return for an honest opinion/review.