Another chance to romp with our Dragon Lords offshoot heroes!! A wonderful mix of Sci-fi and PNR romance. We finally get to find out what has happened to Margot!!!!


Lochlann is captain of a very motley, enthusiastic and exuberant crew but he has a mission from Jarek, find Margot! When the ship finds a clue at a pleasure doll manufacturing plant the crew descends to try and find Margot but the cute but randy Rick finds a pleasure doll who seemingly wants to escape and they get her onboard. Lochlann can’t believe the uncanny likeness that Alexis has to Margot.

Alexis has been programmed, tampered with, enhanced and upgraded to become the epitome of pleasure droids. But in moments of lucidity she tries to sabotage her owners company. She makes it on board with Rick but she soon suffers from downloading too much info too quickly and gets stuck in a loop and has a hard time telling what is real and what is fantasy. When the ship is attacked she does her best to help her rescuers.

I love this crew of misfits! Rick is that little brother who is fascinated with women to the extreme, Vic and Lucien bicker as brothers do. Dev is stoic and Lochlann carries the weight of the world on his shoulders, suffering from a self imposed disconnection from his homeworld. Alexis is such a strong but equally mentally fragile character. The unfolding of her story, intertwined with snapshots of Margots life, is quite emotive and I had a tear a time or two! Mucky doesn’t quite get what he has coming to him but he does get a right good kicking (literally!!)

The Conqueror crew will steal your heart!!