Kit is trying to nail down his errant cousin, Jase, and make him take on the Alpha mantle from his father. He finds he has gone missing and his apartment is steeped in the scent of Kit’s mate. Ok he didn’t claim her and treated her badly but she is his!!!!


Rhiannon is now a burlesque dancer. She fled her abusive father as soon as she could and when she landed in Vegas she quickly befriended Jase. She even got to check up on Kit on sly, not that she really cared of course! She has been under pressure to pay for her mothers care and borrowed money from a mob boss of the sleaziest kind. Jase was supposed to pay off the loan but he’s gone missing and so has her money. She doesn’t want to think badly of Jase but she has no wish to end up as part of a mobster harem!

When they join forces to search for Jase there are lost of obstacles in their path, least of which is a claustrophobic shark shifter!!! This book has awesomely creative and fully fledged characters and the dialogue is funny and witty. The storyline moves at a fair clip and it is fast paced but it is an absolute gem of an addition to the series! Rhiannon fire breathing dragon friend almost steals very scene she is in!