Andrea is a newbie. She hasn’t quite passed her training yet but due to a fluky coincidence she is a dead ringer for the sister of a billionaire who is being threatened. When she is sent to the Caribbean to impersonate her, she meets her gorgeous, if crotchety partner Mitch. Now posing at crew on the billionaires Yacht, Mitch and his fellow operatives have to keep Andrea safe from a killer and from leaping into danger before looking and blowing her cover!

This story is told in dual POV and is wonderfully sparky. Andrea has an unbelievably deep need to excel without the interference of her father and brothers. She is used to being the object of ridicule and has a MASSIVE chip on her shoulder. Mitch has a deep need to save Andrea from herself! He lost one partner and no doubts his abilities and so has gone way overboard to keep her safe. Andrea could have grated on the nerves but she was just to refreshingly ballsy I had to love her! I can’t wait to read more in this series (please!!!!)31522259