Hard to Resist (Sexy Nerd Boys, 3) releasing 17th October!

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“I wish all these guys would stop sniffing around my sister. It pisses me off,” Chase complained as we watched Hadley talk to some guy in the lunch line.

I followed Chase’s gaze to Hadley and the senior chatting her up. For the first time I really looked at her. My gaze started on her long, creamy legs, and traveled up to the slight swell of her hips. That was definitely a new development. My inspection continued as my eyes moved up to her cleavage on full display, with no regard for her scar. For some reason the fact that she didn’t feel the need to keep her scar covered was kind of a turn on. It showed so much confidence. Finally, I looked over her chestnut hair spilling down her shoulders, then up to her face. I was momentarily stunned into silence by her full, inviting lips and the spark in her winter green eyes.

Holy shit…Hadley was hot.

“You can’t really blame them. She’s absolutely gorgeous. Not to mention that she’s also laid back, fun, hilarious…” I trailed off when I notice Chase’s scowl.

“Rav, you are my best friend in this whole world and I’m only going to say this once. If you ever lay one finger on my sister we’re done being friends.”

My mouth fell open. I knew he was protective of Hadley, but I never thought that he would take it this far. And, I never necessarily thought of her that way, although I’ll be honest over the past few months since we turned fifteen my feelings towards her have become rather confusing.