Dare Phoenix is a lover of women, in all shapes and sizes, but why is he so drawn to a furtive, dull, ill-dressed female with the brightest blue eyes???

Dakota Jones is on the run from the cult leader she cosied up to in order to steal a spectacular orb. She just needs to get to deep, uncharted space and then she can make a break for it and find her long searched for treasure. She has grown up in a constant state of wariness, awaiting the time when you try to take what is hers. She’ll double cross her ally to keep her secrets and treasures to herself!!! Dare saves her from an assassin only for her to try and escape him…twice! The girl is nothing if not determined and resourceful!

Dakota is strong willed and stubborn and so independent and sharp edged, she’ll hurt herself. Dare is waaay more patient that I thought he’d be. The action and adventure is full of derring do but the romance is HOTTTTT and visceral and a battle of wills! I loved the story flow and pace and the characters are all leaping off the page and into your head! I was so sorry to leave Ry in his sorry state and hope we hurry back to this world and find out what the heck is happening to him and Elana needs put out of her misery pronto!