Hector may be the heir to King Cheiron but he has a problem with his flighty wife! He has responsibilities and a war looming on the horizon but his wife Delia appears to be cheating on him – she certainly never seems to be there when he needs her. But when he decides he has had enough of her lies and follows her, he gets waaaaay more than he bargained for.


Delia is leading a double life as amazon warrior and wife to Hector. She barely knows the man she is married to and has a “body double” who fills in for her when she is away on a mission! When the Amazon queen declares the only way for Delia to return home is by completing her mission, can Delia really kill Hector?

Hector thinks a curse has denied him completing the mating to Delia but as the Lyssa takes a hold of him will he be able to stave off the madness or will he succumb and become a danger to all of those around him – even Delia?

Delia and Hectors story had a different feel than the previous books of the series. I felt it was a bit darker with Delias duplicitous and murderous mission and Hectors thin grasp on his temper and sanity. The Amazon queen is also a shadowy and sometimes downright dark character. As usual the dialogue and scenes pull you right into the thick of the action and the romance is of the HOT variety!! Great addition to the series!