Hunger Moon by Melissa Snark

My favourite Valkyrie is back. With her pack dwindling, Victoria is directed by Freya to a small town with a powerful Alpha. But this Alpha has no pack there is only him and his son. Victoria is then caught between the powerful alpha almost twice her age and his son who is closer in age to her but really annoys her!

There are twists and turns and trips to Valhalla and the really hard task of trying to return a reluctant soul to his body! There are thankfully no cliffhangers but now I’m just itching to know what happens next. Will the Loki mark claim its next soul and turn him to darkness?!!? I love mythology and history so I’m really happy to have found this series.

Saved by her Dragon – Julia Mills

This is much more emotional and heart tugging book than the previous books of the series. There are less bangs and explosions but the story is just as inspiring and poignant, probably more so.

Devon is the white dragon of the Clan. He is a powerful dragon and the last of his line.

Anya, had been captured by Andrew, the traitor, and is in coma when Devon becomes aware of her as his mate. He tends to her within the hospital and tries to mindpseak with her to help her recover. Once released to his care, Kyra conducts a spell to lift the “black fog” which is keeping her from consciousness. Once awoken Anya has little recollection of her life and struggles to recall her name. We learn more about her past as the story develops.

Anya is another strong female character and hates it when the usually emotionally available, level headed Dev goes “Neanderthal”. Mind you she has a superb trick to get him back in line tout suite!!!!

“Act like a Neanderthal and throw me over your shoulder again and see what other tricks I have up my sleeve. Paybacks are a bitch, dragon man.”

Superb story, great writing and fabulous, snarky, fiesty females and the alphas they bring to heal. What more could I ask for??? I’m dying to know more about wee Sydney after this book. She is such a lively but enigmatic wee thing and an old soul trapped in a new body!!!

Deceit and Lies (Black Rose Chronicles 1) by AK Michaels

Set in a dystopian future rather than a paranormal present day, this book had an entirely different feel. It felt quite dark and gritty but still with the edge of humour you expect from Ms Michaels.

The world has been plagued by a inter-species war and witches have been hunted to almost extinction due to a dark prophesy. Rose is part witch, part werewolf and the survivor of a witch hunt when she was a young child. Left with a guardian whilst her father hunted those who hunted them, she is trained well…too well you could say by her fathers friend, Seth, and becomes a lethally effective assassin – The Black Rose.

She is sought out by the Demon, Basilius, to take down a rogue Vampire, Cassius Allarde, who is seeking to unite all “supers” under his commend and take over the world and hunt humans without regard. But Rose does not follow orders blindly, she researches her targets well and only kills when she knows, without doubt, that they are worthy of death.

When she goes to meet the engimatic Cassius, under the guise of working for him, she is hurt by a “super” and wakes up under Cassius’ care. The man she meets has little in common with the intel she has been provided. So Rose gets to work determining the fate of Cassius and his followers before she concludes her assignment.

NO spoilers here but there is a cliffie (damnit!!!). I loved all these new characters. Rose, mysterious hybrid assassin; Seth – Ex Special Forces Soldier and Witch; Cassius – Vampire High Duke and all around hottie and Basilius – the new power hungry Demon leader of the Council (think paranormal UN).

There are also great secondary characters that I hope we see more of in the other books in the series such as Sue and Valentine (who I think are adorably self effacing). There are also a slew of icky bad guys that by the end of the book you will be making up your own tortures to inflict on them (Ms Michaels writes really good slimebags!!!!)

I read this in one go as I could not put it down and it was a well paced story with snappy dialogue and great interplay between the characters – both allies and protagonists! There are also nods to other paranormal authors throughout the book, Ms Michaels is not afraid to highlight the work of other authors to her large fanbase or to take a pop at certain sparklies!