Virginia AKA Ginger and Beck are an explosive mix on college. Both have their own baggage to carry and when Beck saw what he was pulling Ginger into he ended things, in a spectacular and kinda crap way. He sure burned bridges! Fast forward nine years and Ginger just ended up on the interview panel for the job Beck wants! Can they get past their earlier history and have a strictly professional relationship or will the old chemistry catch light once more?


Beck is well…the nice phrase to use is liberal with his affections! He is a risk taker and daredevil, clearly burying his nightmarish younger years under adrenaline! Ginger is the ultimate don’t rock the boat good girl, trying to please everyone but herself and failing.

As Becks past and present collide, he can see the future he fought for slipping away. Ginger can’t seem to stay away even though she clearly hasn’t got over his prior treatment of her. I felt Beck got off the hook pretty lightly and I would have made him sweat it out more. Great story dealing with some very heavily emotional topics. Sparky dialogue and endearing if challenging characters.

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