Sage had been working under cover in the coven with her mother. During their escape her mother was killed by Claudia and her minions. Sage may have saved a child but she feels the staggering grief of having failed her mother.


Brody set eyes on Sage and knew she was his but his declaration just set off a panic in her and she ran. But bears loves to chase and Brody won’t give up on staking his claim on Sage’s heart!

I love this series. Each book neatly dovetails into the previous and we get to see how the previous couples are faring and it gives a great sense of continuity to the world. Jamal and Claudia rear their ugly hearts and minds yet again and I can’t wait to see them get their just desserts!!

Sparky dialogue, great characters you can fall in love with (or alternately loathe with every cell in your body!), a well paced story with action and suspense galore. And whilst each book can be read on their own, the story’s can be seen developing in the previous book(s).