Grant may be an NHL star but his family is a bit of a mess. When he returns home nursing a recent injury it is hardly a stress free environment. But when out getting the family’s xmas tree he sees former love Faith and wonders if they have another chance at love.


Grant did start out as a bit of a self obsessed Jock with more money than sense but he did slowly grow on me. Whilst he’s a bit shocked that Faith doesn’t jump on the celebrity hunting bandwagon, he enjoys the anonymity of her hardware store. Faith doesn’t care about status or celebrity or money and he finds her totally refreshing!

Faith is wise to be worried about his womanising past and fear being a one and done on his bedpost but Grant most definitely has layers and was in all a nice guy. I found it hard to get into the holiday romance theme since its clearly not Winter but I totally relished the sweet sentiment with a side order of saucy romance with heat!