Tango & Lace by Misty Dietz (Goodreads Author)

Hotter than a Carolina Reaper Pepper!!!

Mya Castillo, sister of Cole from Flirting with Fire, is back with a bang. She is the neighbour of Jackson Whitesides gran and when her house is falling apart and she has a health scare, Mya and Cole, along with some of Rosies grandsons decide to get the place back into shape. But she forgot that one of those grandsons is Jackson Whiteside. After all out of sight is out of mind…right? But when he returns home after 2 years abroad Mya is flustered, panicked and desperate. Her current dance partner has been sidelined by a freak accident and she needs to win her latest dance competition. She and Jack used to make music together, on and off the dancefloor, but can she trust him with her heart again? Or Will he yet again choose his career over her?

I LOVED this book! I loved Mya when i first met her in Coles book and I’m so happy that she gets her own HEA. Jackson is like an amped up, nerd king with muscles! That man can move and he has a few choice manoeuvres in the bedroom too!! I loved trying to work out who was messing with Mya and I got it right! Yay me! I loved all the nerdydom that Jack spouts but I loved learning more about the dance world ( I have two left feet and no sense of rhythm whatsoever!) Fab dialogue, witty and engaging characters, dangerous stalkers and we have ….murder on the dancefloor…well not quite but you get my drift!! FABULOUS book!

Leather & Lace by Brynley Bush
Knox Beckinsale has the worst reputation. He may be an NFL star but between an injury, suspension from his team and a tainted personal life due to some really bad choices, he is in the headlines for all the wrong reasons! Fort Collins may be just the escape he needs. His gran needs help and he loves that woman. He can get his physio nearby and his vow to be woman free should be a breeze.

Enter Leila Patton, she may look like the girl next door but she has curves that Knox just can’t ignore. After interference from both of their grandmothers, the couple find themselves fighting a mutual attraction. Leila has her own relationship ghosts and has no interest in this cocky man, at all, really. If she says it often enough she might believe it.

When Knox’ indiscretions come to light when Leila takes on an assignment which might land her the journalism job of her dreams, will Leila cut and run and use Knox to leapfrog up the career ladder? Is Knox using Leila’s wholesome image to cure his bad reputation?

OMG I’m loving this new series! Knox and Leila are just sparks galore and I was rooting for them from start to finish. I loved that there was more to Know than a killer smile, abs and being famous for the wrong reasons. Leila was really well written as the woman whose world has been whipped away from her through no fault of her own. And those grannies!!! Talk about master manipulators!

Red Lace by Kym Roberts
Another chance to walk in the world created with the “Noble Pass Affaire” series.

We first met Ty Beckinsale when he was the bodyguard/investigator of Sammy in “Flirting with the Devil”. He was sadly bypassed for Sammie’s husband Wade in the book and this book overlaps slightly with the end of “Devil” as we see how Ty was rescued after being shot by the bad guy.

Ty Beckinsale is hurting. After being left for dead and being saved by an angel, who he can only remember was wearing a red lace bra, his cousin pays for him to recuperate at Achilles HeAl, an upscale physical therapy centre. When h arrives he can’t believe the attraction he feels towards Faith, his trainer.

Faith, however, has some demons in her past and a waaaaay over protective big brother, who has a bit of a history with Ty. Add in a protective guard dog and an interfering Granny and this is a wonderful book! I read it in one fell swoop and the characters just leap off the page and grab your attention. You will be LOLing over Rosie and her shenanigans and I’m now kinda hoping that Khaos will get a book of his own cos he badly needs the stick removed from nether regions!

Blackmail & Lace by Tracy A Ward
Adam had succeeded in life but at what cost? he acts as guardian of his sister due to his mothers addictions. He is a lawyer who takes risks in his personal life.

Grayson is the perfect daughter. Training to be a doctor as her parents want and now completing the bucket list began by her sister before her death. Grayson and Adam are the perfect counterparts, the calculated lawyer and the oh so careful doctor. Grayson is so entrenched in her life that she can’t see that the life she is living is not hers!!! The little subplot which links them and comes to light during the story is so heart tugging, you wonder how they can survive it. With a dual POV the book lets you see what is happening in each characters head.

Sparkling dialogue and mcsteamy in the bedroom, with a really strong storyline to tie it all together! Great addition to the series.

(Still reading Beyond Lace by Mia London!!!)