Faith is a newly found wolf. She went looking for her foster brother/business partner and found a whole other side to her personalty that she did NOT expect! After losing Andrew she is slowly settling in with the wolves and now thrives in keeping them safe. But when she saves a wolf when he goes over a waterfall, she really did not expect to find a self-exiled brother of the Royal five! He is also her mate which is going to get complicated cos she now has what was his job!


Theo loved his job but when he was disfigured saving his nephew and felt a piece of the demon they had been fighting seep inside, he exiled himself to keep his family safe. But with mounting danger to his family from his deranged father, Theo now has to battle his third internal voice for dominance! With invisible sharpshooters and moles in the pack, Theo and Faith have their work cut out for themselves.

I love visiting with this pack! There are strong stories, intriguing twists and turns and true love sure don’t run smoothly!!! Bad guys that aren’t quite the bad guys you think they are, evil parental units and colluding so called allies, this is excitement galore from the get go!!! Can’t wait for the next one!