Kain is a recent deserter from Darkstar. Now an undercover Peacekeeper Agent, he is sidetracked from his mission when his ship intercepts a distress call. When he lands he meets Kara and her sister Felicia, who were slowly freezing and starving on their wreck of a mining ship. But when a ship from Darkstar arrives he has to get the girls to go along with his plan to get them safely onto Darkstar so that his mission can begin.


Kain’s plan slowly unravels when he learns his formerly imprisoned brother is the new guy in charge. with a couple of his lackeys watching his every move, Kain is up against it trying to get the girls free, upsetting his brothers plans and subverting marauders in general!

Brilliantly engaging plot with twists and turns and a slimy sidekick you can’t wait to get his comeuppance! There is great dialogue between the characters and I loved Felicia’s total ineptitude at keeping her mouth shut at the worst times! As usual my only gripe is I want more!!!!

I was provided with an ARC of this book in return for an honest review.