Chloe is determined to be the best and brightest recruit at the fire academy. After all who understands fire more than a dragon shifter! But her main rival is Ryan Fierro, who is so steeped in firefighting history, he almost bleeds fire. But he has a secret of his own – he is a Phoenix.

Chloe and Ryan’s rivalry sparks more than fire and they cannot ignore the love between them. But when they are assigned to the same house will they be able to continue their love affair? They are both hiding their true selves from the other and Chloe has further problems by a fellow firefighter who doesn’t want a woman on his crew.

I loved seeing Chloe’s family. They are all so determined to marry her off to save the Dragon species – they are like Matchmakers on steroids! Ryan could be seen as arrogant but i think the author got the blend of assertiveness, cocky and humour just right. I loved the appearance of Mother Earth who totally threw a spanner in everyone’s plans! I look forward to reading more in this series.

I received an ARC of this book in return for an honest opinion/review.