When a mysterious egg like transport is found in the desert, whilst waiting for soul sucking entities to spew from it, the team unexpectedly find a man. And not just any man but the Chosen One, Adam Alsing, himself. He disappeared 2 years prior when he ineptly tried to save the world. Now returned to earth he has no memories of where he has been or who he was before he crawled out of the egg.

Claire may be the sheriff but she has a very short fuse and is downright bolshy to all but a few. She had a child by one of the Shipborn aliens who are they to help humans survive, but that’s only smoothed out a few of her edges. But as the new and improved Adam discovers more talents than he was given originally, Claire wonders if he was sent back to help them or the entities!!

What can i say but wow! Claire is a real Alpha female and Adam is just what she needs to be able to take of the responsibility hat every now and then.. Adam is enigmatic, charismatic and a total hottie! He may have been a dope on a rope before he disappeared, but he is now a caring, playful, all around nice guy…if he could just remember why he came back! Ship of course just about steals the show! I sure hope it (she?) makes it back for the next instalment! She is gossipy, nosy and downright sneaky – everything a sentient ship should be! With bigotry in various forms still evident, apparently in an apocalypse earthlings still find solace in pointing out the differences between them and others than in realising how many similarities there are!

I was gifted a copy from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review