Holy Moly, we’re back with a bang with the WWV crew! It’s now the turn of Gabby, Joey’s little sister, to have a HEA.


When she planned to introduce her soul-mate to her big brother, it was for some backup before she opened up to her parents. Shoe knows that they won’t look down on Teddy because he’s a plain vanilla human and not a “Super” but that doesn’t stop the fear of them not liking her beau to send her head into a tizzy. But when Teddy is kidnapped on the way to Joey’s pack, her parents find out about her love in a whole different way!

With Joey, Jensen and Nico helping to track the missing Teddy, with the assistance of their parental Triad, Gabby slowly learns of some of the horrors Josef, Peri and Gabe faced when they first realised Peri’s power and fought off the black magic users.

This was a roller-coaster ride through abductions, deep dark family secrets and the reluctance to share your forever lover with family! Teddy is a joy and totally keeps his head when he meets the rather scary triad! He is definitely and understated alpha! Jensen is slowly creeping up on me and I really want his story now! Characters which grab you by the imagination and don’t let go. Plot which actually leads you somewhere and not just a device to sew together some sex scenes – there are not actually that many! Fabulous!!!