Simon, a telepath, is stretched to his limits trying to contain Amanda’s fragile grip on reality. Corkscrew, AKA Amanda, is still suffering from the botched experiments that she was subjected to whilst kidnapped. She gradually comes back to reality but the least provocation can shatter her grip and send her spiralling back into the murky depths of insanity.

We also get to see the continuing relationship (and battle of stubborn wills) between Aurora and Michael. She is a determined, single minded leader, willing to do anything for her team. He is a possessive, precise strategist who wants to keep her safe! Take about sparks and fireworks! Add in unexpected twists, treason and treachery and this book is chock full of adventure.

This book is fast paced, sci fi and paranormal, superhuman/hero adventure with a healthy does of red hot passion between our lead characters. There is a strongly crafted, if slightly skewed from reality, world created in these books and I love the insertion of time travel in these books. It just adds another dash of fantasy. This series has wormed its way into my heart and the snappy, witty banter between team-mates and lovers is brilliant.

This will not disappoint!!!!