Rock is the 2nd of the Shifters to go and find the child that was created using his sperm. It was supposed to be for testing only but now that he has a child he wants to know how he is thriving.

Gemma hit 30 and still had no man in her life but she desperately wanted a baby. Fast forward 2 years and her son Arthur is ahead of the charts! He’s bigger than the average two year old. With little real life dating experience, Gemma relies on her older sister to steer her when it comes to men (Bad move!!) But when she connects with the guy who mysteriously turns up at her sons birthday party she hopes there will be more to their relationship.

But when she is coerced onto a double date with her sister her experiences with men hit rock bottom! If only she had been firm and stayed in contact with Rock!

OMG Matty is such a slimeball and you will cheer when he gets his comeuppance. Why Gemma listens to her dimwit sister I’llnever know! Rock is lovable and affable and happy to find out he is a father, even though it wasn’t something he had planned on. Roll on book 3

I was given an ARC in exchange for an honest review