Garrett Justice is an outlaw, a sort of Enforcer, for the pack where his baby brother is Alpha. They have been having problems with a neighbouring pack and he has been dispatched to determine if the pack needs to take further action. He realises that the Beta, Simon, has been slowly taking over the pack and probably got rid of the Alpha. He is now trying to enact on a deal he made with a local human to mate his daughter so that he can buy property from the county.

Autumn cannot believe that Simon wants to act on the stupid deal now! The Tavern is her baby and a link to her deceased father. But as Simon becomes more forceful she is saved by a very hot stranger. As the full extent of Simon’s malevolence unravels, Autumn and Garrett can’t ignore the spark between them.

Great story, well thought out and planned. The sparks between Garrett and Autumn are palpable and when they given into the sparks? – Muy caliente!!! I loved the intrigue of the pack elders trying to save themselves by turning to Garretts pack for help to get rid of Simons cancerous dealings.

I received a copy for an honest review.