Vash is the ultimate assassin. A former colleague of Gage, he has taken on a mission to recover a kidnapped human, Sophie, from slavers. Little did he realise that this would lead to him facing his estranged Slaver father and finding his mate. Add in struggles with his inner dragon, who is trying to take over and poor Vash has his job cut out for him!

Sophie is used to facing abuse, usually at the hands of her drunken father. She knows that to escape further torture, just button up and don’t flinch. She throws herself in front of others and makes friends quickly with other slaves. When a scary masked Primus storms into their cells and tries to take her away, she refuses to leave with out the other girls and he ends up captured.

Now being forced to fight as a Gladiator, Vash and Sophie now have to work together to get out of these bloody games. The chance to once again destroy his fathers plans is always a bonus.

Absolutely loved this! Vash is just such a lethal weapon wrapped around a heart of gold! Sophie may seem broken and fragile but she has a core of steel! Fabulous!