Courtenay can’t believe her life has gone so pear shaped. She was coerced into marrying the local prominent family’s son, a chance for her family to go up in the world. But fast forward a few years and her outward facade of a happy, privileged life is hiding the physical and emotional abuse being inflicted on her. When two suited, mob like men turn up at her home looking for her hubby see sees a chance to escape him forever.

Liam and Declan are on a job. They didn’t think they would meet represses but totally hot Courtenay. They are knocked for a loop when she actively helps them track down her minor drug dealing hubby. But when they take care of her problem and theirs in one fell swoop, she reacts to the visceral pull between them and takes off with them!

This was a really unusual read for me as I don’t usually read Mafia/gangster books but I really enjoyed the story. I was rooting for the Liam and Declan, who are the king of the one liners and witty dialogues! Courtenay takes to life on the run a little too easy given her past but as long as you switch off your sensible gene you will love floating away with these hot to trot trio!