Ramses is a Peacekeeper, who has been given a mission to trace terrorists on Earth. On his way to meet his new human partner he makes a side visit to a lead. When his lead leads to an imminent attack on the very place where he was to meet his partner, he leaps into action.

Elise is not happy that her so called partner has gone Lone Ranger on her. When they get swept up into the plot and contaminated, the overseer AI, seems to be in collusion with the bad guys! They attempt to escape off world and end up crashed on a planet (that’s not there according to star maps). When the bad guys trace them, can they survive on the cold, barren world long enough to escape and rescue Earth?

I loves this book! Ramses is hot, tough, cocky and hides a protective soul. Elise is brilliant as the cop who has never really had to deal with off worlders before. She is plucky and brave in the face of mounting danger. I loved the fact that she and Ramses totally manage to turn a “bad guy” into their ally! I can’t wait to see what is in store for him!