Alec, a bear shifter, and his friends donated sperm whilst at college. They get called into a lawyers office and the bombshell is dropped that they are all fathers. Bad news is that Talia, who got Alec’s sperm doesn’t know her baby is part shifter!

Talia is a teacher and when she and her partner couldn’t get pregnant she went to a sperm bank. But when she got pregnant he got weird and she dumped him. Bad news is he is still her landlord and he has a really sleazy offer for her to stay in her apartment. But with her baby literally shewing on the furniture, she has enough on her plate to deal with. When a strange, but very hot guy, rampages into the school where she works, little does she know that he is the baby’s father.

I loved Talia. She is a loving mother who doesn’t care her son is different she just wants to know why. Alec is a total sweetheart. He is compassionate and just jumps into the whole fatherhood thing feet first and I loved the way he just tried to be friends with the baby and worked his way into Talia’s heart slowly.

I received this ARC copy in exchange for an honest review.