Hidden magic and matchmaking family members combine into a great story! Set in the Moondbound (Somewhere, Tx) world, this has a handsome helping of cowboys, magic and treacherous staff and friends!

Mattie is fed up with her older brother dictating the rules on the ranch. Yes, her friend was caught in a compromising position with their brother, but she was the only other female on the ranch to talk to apart from their mother. When he instigates a no fraternisation rule and married personnel only, she is left reeling.

Kyle is looking for a fresh start after his very recent divorce and loss of his renowned restaurant. But he feels an unusually strong pull towards the decidedly unfriendly Mattie! But when they are out on the trail of a matchmaking ride, interference from Mattie’s mother and her magical herbs may lead them into hot water!

I did enjoy this story but Mattie was kind of hard to engage with at first. She was so wrapped up in her friends POV that she never seems to think that there could have been ulterior motives for her behaviour or that her loneliness was being taken advantage of. Kyle was a dream and any man who can cook up meals like that is my kind of guy!! Looking forward to more in the series as I really want to know what happened to Paul!

I received an ARC of this book from the author in exchange for my honest review.