This book is mix of sweet romance and suspense generated from unwarranted attention from a criminal ex.

Sara has put her life back together after her husband went to jail. She is free of him and her son is none the worse for having him missing from their lives. She has her own business and she finally has a tight network of new friends. Then Cooper returns to town. She knew him in high school and he is now a cop, something that won’t gel well with her crooked ex-hubby!

Sara has secrets and Cooper has an agenda which doesn’t necessarily mean that he just wants to be friends…or more… just because of their history. He may be trying to use their relationship to put her ex back in jail, but he does try to do it without hurting her too much.

Cooper’s family are a hoot and have a really strong relationship with each other and Sara. If Cooper hurt Sara it would be a toss up as to whether they keep Sara or Cooper I think! The pace was a wee bit slow and I felt it could have picked up a bit which would have amped up the suspense and danger facing Sara.

I received an ARC via Netgalley in return for an honest opinion/review.