Time for “Tough Girl” Toni’s icy facade to crack! Toni survived an abusive relationship but only after she had to put a bullet in him. She is now closed off emotionally from those around her, after all how can anyone love her, when she is nothing but a cold-hearted killer who can’t forgive herself. She went to prison and now works with her brother at Bourbon Street. They are the only family she has left and she’s do anything for them.

Lucky has known Toni and her brother since they were kids and probably loved her just as long! They even shared a kiss once but Toni fled and ran into the arms of her long time abusive boyfriend. He couldn’t save her from killing him but he’ll do whatever it takes to keep her safe now. He has his own losses to deal with and believes that they are just what the other needs to mend their broken souls.

But when a drunken night leads to an earth shattering, life changing event, Toni and Lucky are not always making the smartest choices. Toni is pretty much a danger to herself with her death defying antics and her refusal to forgive herself, which almost leads to her death.

I felt that Lucky and Toni were perfect for each other, each beating themselves up for something outwith their control. And really, who can’t love a guy who takes such great care of his late sisters goldfish! Toni was a bit harder to love, just due to all her hard, razor sharp edges! All around story was great although the “bad guys” plot could have been a bit at the forefront of the story.

I received an ARC of this book from Netgalley in return for an honest review.