This was my 1st reverse harem book so I wasn’t sure what to expect and also a new to me author.

Faith Daniels, known as Daniels, has had a hard life since the loss of her brother, murder of her mother and abuse at the hands of her father. The family that has taken her to their hearts offer her a new life. Officer Brady and his wife are moving away and ask Daniels to go with them so they can continue to look after her. She meets Tyler, Kayden & Lincoln. A camping trip causes some mayhem and Daniels runs off and then …cliffhanger!!!!

This book was short and there was that dang cliffie! But I’m going to continue onto book 2. Reverse harem is a great idea, nice for the girl to get the choice of boys! This is also a great example of family being what you make it rather than what your born into.

love is not lost pic