Emma Singer is a shifter with a lot of worries. Her new alpha is a misogynistic, creepy male with a harem of half mated females for his pleasure. He has his eye on Emma as an addition and she has no plans to join their ranks. her heart belongs to her Tech Titan and Manager, who is all human.

Gabriel is a hottie with the brain of a computer. He is also an undercover battle mage! He loves nothing more than being next to the sexy shifter but if he succumbs he’ll end up in as much trouble as his sister. But when her missing family journal and his sibling problems lead them both back to the same town, they join forces to combat the malignant and down right creepy Enforcer who is overstepping his regulations to make it personal!

But when Emma has to unleash her inner Iota “Talent” as a berserker will Gabriel still want her or will he run from the beast she believes she is?

Gabriel is like a magical Thor! He is all magical talismans, wands and bulging muscles! Emma is sweet to the core and can’t see the rot that has taken hold in her family until she is literally sold to the bad guy! With dippy Aunties and familiars, who get a little bit too familiar, this story is an absolute scream. You will be laughing out loud at points and hissing under your breath when the bad guys make their final move. Well thought out and paced story and the sexual tension build up between Gabriel and Emma is superb!

I want more pls!! I was given an ARC from Netgalley for an honest opinion/review.