Izobelle may be the Queen of Casakraine but she is also a hot, sexy lady with itches that must be scratched! She’s had a string of no-emotions involved affairs since she had to have her treacherous husband killed but a certain clan chief has weaseled himself into her heart and she’s not sure she’ll be able to leave him just as easily as she thought.


Malvin Dacus, Clan Chief of Talogroth, loved and mourned the loss of his wife. She gave him a fine daughter but his kingdom is in dire need of a cash injection, so marrying for money seems to be his only option. But a certain regal lady is catching his eye and he’s even marry her with no cash involved, he’d make peace with his people some other way.

But when his brazen and power-mad sister Boudicca starts to interfere in Casakraine and cause mayhem and treachery with Izo’s court, Malvin knows he has to put her back in her place.

Izo is one hot to trot queen! I loved her internal diatribes towards her children and her court. If only they knew what passed through her head! Malvin is definitely Scottish in my head cos as a patriotic Scot I claim his accent! He could be kinda Irish but nope he’s Scots. Glamour, put upon mothers, unruly children and scandalous court politics all mix in a wonderfully crafted quick read!

I received an ARC copy of this book in return for an honest review.