Frankie Knightly can’t wait to escape Seattle and head off to LA and her future as a reporter. She just has to graduate and reach out to those in the know and land a job! But with her best friend suspiciously missing with a mysterious illness, she may have to go on her own. A chance encounter with a relative of her friend leads to a short term job as a production assistant. First assignment, babysit Cliff Tatum!!

Cliff Tatum is a major hottie (and a reluctant bear shifter)! He’s used to being the media darling with his social climbing, reality tv starring ex. But he had enough of her hijinks and kicked her to the curb. But the Wolf Shifter Wannabe will not take the hint! Now his agent has somehow convinced him to attend this event in nowheresville! But the little assistant they gave him may help him pass the time. But what will he do when he realises that the little human is his mate!

Great to be back with the Seattle Shifters. Frankie is wonderfully naive about all things shifter and thought her best friend was just drunk when he let slip he was a bear. Cliff is great as the distressed and ailing hottie. With bunny boiler exs and interfering family, it’s got something for everyone.

I received this book as an ARC for an honest review.