Oreius is suffering at the loss of his mate.  When his brother undertakes a mission into Lapith lands to gain him a magical cure, Oreius isn’t exactly grateful!  He waits sometime and then just throws the bottle to the ground.  Then like a genie from a bottle, a female appears on the lawn where the water landed.  but this isn’t any female, she is a Nymph.

Nysa is a well nymph and had happily helped many with their aches, pains and woes.  but she had been trapped by an evil Lapith and he had been abusing her powers for his own ends. When she had been taken from her well in the waters in the flask she thought she was finally freed.  But Oreius is refusing her help and she only has so long she can survive away from her waters.

This series is a perfect blend of mystery, mythology and romance!  Nymphs are unable to refuse the advances of a male, even if they are unwanted advances.  Oreius has been celibate for a decade, ever since his mate died so you know that when these two get together there are going to be fireworks!!!!  I loved seeing the other Centaurs and their mates popping into the story and the continuing fight against the Lapiths who are giving the centaurs no end of battles!

Well worth a read!