Yay!! A story about an older heroine and a single mum to boot!


Zoriah got pregnant at a very young age and forced to marry the father. Now that he is dead she is left trying to raise her three children in a world where Earth has been annexed by a fierce, warrior, alien race. They don’t seem to be a threat but she is definitely not comfortable with them.

Benyon is a top tier warrior and has been training Zoriahs son in the warrior ways, little does he know that Zoriah is in the dark about this! When Zoriah is blackmarked once too often and she faces losing her children, Benyon comes up with a way for the little family to stay together. But he is stumped as to why he has gone to such trouble for this human.

This was a great book. Friendly but ferocious alien neighbours, smartalex kids and a crooked “big brother” system all mix into a wonderful storyline. The scene where Benyon realises that not every woman wants a “nice” man was brilliant!

~I received an ARC in return for an honest review.