Nova is the prince of his tribe and an acclaimed warrior in the fight against the humans. He is a lot more belligerent and hardhearted than Dracon. he can’t believe his fellow Navarian took a human for a mate.


Julia is an administrator for the mining company. When she is kidnapped by Nova, she is almost beaten to death before he stops it. He is not that considerate of her injuries and aloof from her opinions on the war.

But as her kidnapping continues he finds himself worrying more and more of her health, injuries and the effect she has on his libido!

Nova’s character was really hard to like to start with. Sure he was protecting his people and fending off the humans but he was a bit cut-throat! Julia seemed to be so naive when it came to “big brother” protocols when decimating other planets. It was also great to see Dracon and Amelia back in action, even if it was just a little cameo.

I received this ARC in exchange for an honest review.