The Westervelt Wolves were decimated 30 years ago by a curse placed on them by a witch invited to the island by the Alpha, in an attempt to use Wolf magic for nefarious means.


Ashlee has been suffering from depression after the break up of her engagement and now she is hearing voices in her head! She thinks she is finally losing it, especially when a wolf at the zoo, where she volunteers, appears to be speaking to her and telling her he is actually a man!

When she returns to the zoo late one night after a bad dream jolts her into breaking out the wolf, she and her new wolf buddy are attacked outside. They are saved by another couple of wolfs and Ashlee learns that her mother and father have been keeping very big secrets from her and her sister!

Tristan “Trip” was trapped in his wolf form at the instruction of his father. He and his fellow pack members have been tracking their deranged former alpha and attempting to restore their pack. But when he finally gets close to Ashlee at the zoo he realises she is his mate. When they return to the packs island and they seal their mate bond, all manner of trouble lands on their doorstep!

There is magic, evil witches, shifters, devilish plots and romance all bound up in this wonderful story. Trips curse is truly frightening and you can’t help but feel his pain in defying his alpha and the mating bond literally ripping his mind in two! Ashlee is fragile but at the same time a tower of strength. I loved when her feisty side appeared when she is “knocked flat” by the females in Trips family every time they try to impart knowledge to her!