Benzen and his friends have fled to Earth to escape their tyrannical leader. When they rash land near to a mall, they fumble with their translators and make some weird and wonder assumptions about the things they find.

Allison is bored beyond belief with her job as a cashier. She takes a liking to the strange little group who entered her store. They were pretty much the only people who had been nice to her that day, who cares if they seem a little..off.

As the story unfolds Alison learns some new truths that she never expected and faces danger head on with her new friends.

I thought this was a good story but just found the characters quite hard to engage with. The cover didn’t exactly gel with the description on Benzen either, I really kind of pictured an older teenager, not the buff guy on the cover! The misunderstandings when the aliens try to make sense of Earth and its culture was quite childlike and was quite funny.

The relationship between Allison and Benzen always seemed more friend than any potential love affair, so the very quick appearance of the love interest was a bit confusing.

I received an ARC version in exchange for an honest review.