Our favourite HAWK pilot gets his turn in the spotlight!

Finn loves to fly, the faster and harder the better. He lost contact with his family after the invasion and believes they are lost. He pours his heart into living for the present, no attachments and no broken hearts. But he may rethink this stance ‘cos Lia, the drones lead pilot, gets under his skin like no one else.

Lia also knows lost. She lost her mother and sister in the invasion. Now alone in the world, she retreats from relationships. Finn is the biggest annoyance she has, he doesn’t rate her drone flyers and takes every opportunity to wave his combat pilot past in her face. She flew supersonic aircraft before the invasion – she is not just a pretty face!

When intel surfaces of a factory run by the Gizzida, she and Finn are selected to head into hostile territory. What follows is a heart pumping, adrenaline filled ride through the skies! With a fantastically sexy and live for the moment scene in a former 5* hotel and some hotter than hot role play, these two put the fun back into their lives (and their beds).

I love this series so much and each new book becomes my favourite. Lia is strong, dependable and loyal to the core. Finn hides a sentimental soul and heart of gold (he’s been adopted by an alien hatchling for cripes sake!) No spoilers for Scavamping is totally the next hottest thing!!! I do hope Devlin’s story is next cos Ms Hackett has left him and Taylor in a REALLY sticky situation!