Our favourite SEAL team is back and more badass than ever!!!!


Jaqui and Tay had a bit of an intense encounter over a year ago. Tay couldn’t wrap his head around his feelings and fled like the hounds of Hell were after him! Fast forward and after being sidelined from a mission due to injury Tay learns that Jaqui went in his place. But she has been abducted and he will move heaven and earth to get her back.

Jaqui may be small and blonde bu she is an absolute dynamo! She essentially saves herself from her sadistic cartel captor and is later picked up by Tay and the team. Now reunited Tay is determined to never let her go again. As they spend time together during Jaqui’s recovery and subsequent protective custody, they realise they belong together. right. That he will be her rock as she heals. That he will do everything in his power to earn her forgiveness and her heart.

But when Medellin goes after her family, Jaqui and Tay have to save themselves and her family from the cartels clutches. But will they managed to fight them off or will there be further tragedy?

OMG Jaqui is a spitfire! I’d love to be her friend, no one would ever mess with me again! Tay is just a big teddy bear wrapped up in a gruff, tough exterior. He may not be good with the touch feely emotional speeches but when he puts his mind to it – he’ll make your heart melt! No spoilers but can I just say Jaqui cousins almost steal the show? They are hilarious. But to me the line that made me laugh the most (I almost fell off the sofa I swear) was “hotter than two squirrels humping in a wool sock in the desert”. We have some colourful sayings in Scotland but this was tremndous!!!

Fabulous read and can’t wait for more!

I was given an ARC in return for an honest review.