Shifters with Norse Mythology feel.

Victoria Storm is a shifter, descended from Fenrir himself. She is also a priestess to Freya and a Valkyrie. When the decades long truce between her pack and the Hunters is broken, she is left devastated by the loss of her parents and then left stunned by becoming Alpha of her tiny little pack.

Victoria had loved Daniel Barrett, son of the head hunter. But when he died whilst on a vampire hunt, she is held accountable by his family and hell breaks loose.

When her pack comes across a horrific group who are killing parents and stealing children, she gets unexpected aid from the hunters. But when one of her pack is gunned down she swears revenge on the hunters.

This was a great book. I’m a history and mythology junkie so this was totally my kind of read. But you won’t get bogged down in history and there is enough paranormal and action to keep everyone happy. Great dialogue and action gets ramped up beautifully!

I received a free copy of this book in exchange for a fair review.