Amanda Sugar thought her 17th birthday couldn’t get any worse. She was raising her young twin siblings and now she had been caught stealing bread from the very settlement her family had fled from. But if she thought facing the town leader, Dean Andrews, was stressful it was nothing to what she felt when dragons attacked and swooped off with her.

Dean had to watch in horror when the dragons swooped off with Amanda. He has been raising her siblings as his children and he has never stopped looking for her. As he and his group finally near the dragons compound, Dean himself is snatched up. But when he lands inside their strong hold he finds Amanda still alive but now sharing her body with the conscience of a dragon Princess.

She only manages short periods of her own personality and with Dean they concoct a plan to escape. But will Dean be able to move on from the images of sweet 16yr old Amanda to realise that she is now an adult and fully aware of the attraction between them. They have realised that there is a rather …nice way of getting Amanda free of Princess mind which allows them to plot.

I loves this story. Whilst Amanda is clearly naive and innocent, she has been subjected to some rather awful things whilst “attached” to Princess, making her feel much older than her years. Whilst the rather large age difference may put some people off it is not sleazy and there is clearly no attraction on Deans part when Amanda is still a young adult. Highly enjoyable!