Jessica and her sister left their home town after purist rogue shifters wiped out their entire family and extended pack. They finally feel they have found a safe haven and start new jobs in the local saloon. But destiny is about to step in, cos the bartender is none other than Jessica’s first love, Simon. She fought so hard for their cross species romance but he just dumped her and ran, with no explanation.

Simon had heard about the decimation of his loves pack and thought she was lost forever. but when she walks into his new saloon he can’t held but feel relieved. But how can he come clean that the reason he left was that his family had agreed to the pact to marriage between the wolf shifters and bear shifters, it just wasn’t him she was getting set up with!

Fabulous read. I loved the Twin Moon Ranch stories and these are like a little offshoot. Simon is wonderfully sweet and surly at the same time! Jessica loves her family more than anything but will she save her sister and leave her love behind? I’m really looking forward to the rest of the books in this series.

Liams Bride by Emma Alisyn

Meredith lives with the guilt of the actions of her father almost 2 decades ago. He wiped out the family of a bear shifter. The same shifter who has just bought the building where her project for at risk teens is based.

Liam is Alpha and as part of a lottery his den organised, must go out and find a bride, to help fight their dwindling numbers. He never expected to be sideswiped by a firecracker with a serious need to be in his face over her project! He and his bear recognise her as his mate but can he get her to come to the same conclusion!

OMG lots of unwarranted guilt and I’m glad to say some characters get to reclaim their humanity by doing a selfless protective act. Liam is sweet and studly and Mere is the spoiled little girl done good! She is such a giving person you were just cheering her one all the time!

I received an ARC of this anthology in return for an honest review.