Sarah thought it was a dream come true. She finally made it off Earth. Ok so her room on the cruise ship is in the bowels and she has no view. But she is starting to like being the only human onboard. She especially likes a certain purple skinned warrior. But when she hears an alarm activation, she makes her way to the lifeboats. But when her purpe skinned warrior is shoved into the same lifeboat and they are ejected into space, she realises that her vacation may not have the happy ending she was hoping for!

Nyxant is seemingly reluctant to move from the spot where they crashed. A total 180 position from his alpha appearance. Being a typical man he didn’t want to tell her about his injuries. But after being stranded on the planet and becoming very…close, rescue arrives and Sarah ends up in even more trouble!

I loved this book. Cruise liner in space, miscellaneous bi-pedal aliens, danger and excitement on an uninhabited planet and secret identities! Brilliant. The dialogue is snappy and the story well planned.