This a great anthology, chock full of some of your favourite PNR authors!  My Favourite so far is Bite Marks by Rebecca Royce!

George is a mystery writer with a major crush on Trudy, the local bartender. She has consistently turned him down but he is nothing if not persistent! But when she finally relents he fails to show for their date – in his defence he WAS attacked by vampires and now has an almighty bloodlust.

Trudy has been on the run from her past as a werewolf hunter. That life robber her of her family and she has vowed never to let them get to her or her brother. When she discovers why George dodged their date, she doesn’t get squeamish over his new fangs or his diet. With the help of some of Georges new friends, she helps him temper his appetite. But when her past and Georges new (after)life get mixed together, will our new supernatural couple get pulled apart before they can start a new life together?

This is a short, quick read and not that complex, a perfect read for lunchtime or when you have a quiet hour. The characters are fun and witty and I’d read more in this series, should there be one.