My Review for Tutoring the Wolf by Jacqueline Sweet

Cassie is the 20 year plan, never got lower than an A, slightly stuck up daughter of the college Dean. When her lack of imagination causes her to fail, and subsequently jeopardises her planned engagement to a well respected magical family, she takes on a project for extra credit. She never expected the project to be a newly minted werewolf!!!!!

Malcolm is freshly bitten and struggling to contain his wolf and wrangle his magic. His life was much simpler when it was just his garage band he had to worry about. Now he has an uppity Ms Perfect invading his life and trying to turn him into a well behaved, well read werewolf in 2 weeks!!

Cassie was a real struggle to like at first. She was just so up her own backside but she slowly thawed and I eventually grew to love her. Malcolm is such a sweetheart and just so lost after the loss of his music when he became a werewolf. I loved the little heart to heart that Cassie and her mum have at the end. There was almost tears!