Gage and Aria are the next star-crossed Human-Primus mates.


Aria just wants to save her mother. She is running out of cash and medicine fast. When the opportunity to become a field medic comes up, she leaps at the change to fund her mothers medicine for at least another year. But when her ship is attacked and a big, purple alien mercenary climbs on board, she may have bitten off more than she could chew!

Gage is a merc, he doesn’t care what the story behind the job is, he just wants paid. Then this tiny human female appears and his whole outlook in life goes down the crapper! Suddenly he’w worried that she goes uninjured?! What is wrong with him? When the “bad guy” is suddenly the guy you have to rely on, you know you are in for a world of confusion!

With chilling intensity, a souped up Gaius, traitorous Primus monks and DNA splicing this book is chock full! Brilliant characters, incl the lovely Davoso who kinda steals the show whenever he appears. Wonderful witty dialogue and a compelling bad boy hero – FANTASTIC