Amy has had a lot to deal with lately. An Advertising job that paid the bills but didn’t excite or feed her need to create art. A crappy, abusive, controlling troll of a boyfriend. She’s escaping to Deep Creek to gather herself before deciding what she wants from life and to indulge in some major me-time.


Griff is a park ranger and a Bear shifter. The winter hibernation has been broken with patrols checking on the encroachment of Moutain Lion shifters into the area. He’s not at his wakey wakey best when he meets Amy, the new tenant of his family’s cabin. But he does recognise his mate when he sees her…just a pit the timing totally sucks!

Excellant story with twisted, vengeful shifters and blossoming mate attraction mixing together into a heart stopping journey. I really enjoyed the final stand off between Griff and Evers and Amy handled the whole shifter thing with poise..I’d be screaming my head off!! Looking forward to the next in the series.